Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Tattoo! Again :D

Ok,anyone who knows me knows that I love certain things...and obviously, the 50's,Elvis,vintage decor, ford falcons (pre 64) and travel trailers are just a few....but I also love other stuff,rockabilly,psychobilly,black metal,punk,pop...even some rap music....I love traveling,and seaking out weird stuff( I do live in weird NJ) the shore,cats!! Horror movies and tattoos to name a few others.
I obviously love tattoos and have a decent chunk of them...so once I came across someone that I knew and saw his sick work, I HAD to find out where he got them done.
Staring at his tattoos..I was in complete awe as I saw black work of some of my fav horror characters....Mike Myers, Freddy, Frankenstein, Chucky, IT....wow...so yeah I knew then and there that this guys style was what I wanted for my Elvis, and he KILLED IT! So amazing,and tbh....the pictures I post do these tattoos no justice at all. To see them in person,it's just ridiculous.
Anyhow, so to pair up my Elvis, I decided to get a zombie version of Marilyn Monroe....which I cannot wait for! But of course more and more ideas just come flooding. Now I have work that needs finished,that I should start getting colored in, but ya just can't pass up some new awesome work..it's like opening a gift on Xmas..so damn exciting! So I decided that as well as Marilyn on my lower leg,I'd like to dedicate my thigh to the Universal Monsters.. I know that he will make that like no other,and I cannot wait for that as well....buuuuuut until then, today I happened to stop in and add a new tattoo to my collection. My very own Rob Zombie :D I love him...have loved him...love all his movies...think he's an absoultely amazing person and creator...so of course...Froggy was down and turned out the sickest,most awesome piece.
I chose an old school photo of Rob from years ago that just screamed "tattoo"
I already have a zombie tattoo on my wrist, my friend Nicole and I got matching ones on our wrist years ago,it's just the name,but this one took it to a whole nother level.
I'm so excited to call this man my tattoo artist, and I swear to anyone in the Jersey / Philly area...he's sick! He does amazing work and is reasonable in his pricing.
Froggy's Tattoos
Check him out!
Here's a pic halfway done..

and here's a pic freshly done..

I'm fucking amazed and cannot wait until its fully healed and the swelling has gone down,ahhh just thinking about what future tattoos he's gonna do,im seriously excited to have some awesome ass legs! lol.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lil Shasta

Growing up,we had a similar one to these little guys in the yard.

My sister and I used to play house in it all the time. Looking back it was the simple things in life that made ya happy. My dad ended up getting rid of it and to this very day I wish he would've kept it. My dream is to own one again,and make it my own. I found this photo on flickr...look how beautiful this is....

What I would give to have this right now.
I have so many goals to work towards right now and this is one of them <3

Friday, July 22, 2011


Our heat index is hitting 115 today,sounds fun! Thank goodness I'm at work in ac,but id rather be down the shore relaxing on the beach. Everyone thinks I'm weird because I love when its hot,but I hate when its so muggy that you feel sticky and can't breathe and that's how its been here lately.

I need to do my hair, I need a new style and color. I wish my hair would cooperate and let me strip it enough to go back to blonde, but it hates me. I've also been thinking about cutting it, but id probably cry if I cut it any shorter. I dunno, I just need something new and cute.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zombie Elvis

Finally got my zombie Elvis done. He's still healing though,so you get a feshly done swollen shot of my leg.

Been waiting so long for this and it's so amazing!

I'm back!!!

I've been MIA since February,but I promise to start back at using this blog! I still stop in a few times a week and read all my blog favs but so much has been going on with work and life in general that the only thing I've constantly kept up on has been Facebook,only because I access it most of the time on my phone,but like I said..I promise to becoming a better blogger! :D