Thursday, December 23, 2010

quick update!

In the words of Napoleon Dynamite "My lips hurt real bad" haha they are so chapped ugh! Anyway..I am exhausted..retail hell takes a toll on you during the holiday season. Only a few more days til we're back to normal. Thank god! Only 3 weeks until we get's coming up week I gotta sit down and finish my centerpieces and such. I wanna try to get most of my stuff done so I don't have to worry about anything beforehand. I'll post pics when I'm done stuff. I think that's all for now..I just got home from work less than an hour ago and I need to be back in 8 hours ugh. LOL I guess I better try and get some rest. Night all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Shoes, Invitations and RSVP's Oh My!

I'm soooo happy with how my invites turned out and the shoes are a bit big but if I add in some peeptoe insoles will be just fine! Sooooo happy right now!
I am so absolutely thrilled that today my invitations AND shoes came in the mail! I just need to wait another 2 hours to get done work and race home to see them! Sooo excited. Also got some more info from the Pop Shop and found out that I can rent the photobooth for $95 an hour and its unlimited and has an attendant to help news ever! You know I will use my $95 worth of it too lol..I'm a picture whore! As things come together more and more and it gets closer the more excited I get...I feel like I'm 8 years old again and its Christmas morning hahaha. Ya can tell I'm happy when I'm actually thrilled that its snowing!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random About Me's!

Stolen from XxInKedxPinUpxX Go visit her and follow...she's gorgeous!

About Me
Three names I go by:
1. Christa
2. Xta
3. Chris

Three jobs I've had:
1. Retail Slave (always and forever)

Three Places I've lived:
1. Rahway
2. Millville
3. Williamstown

Three favorite drinks:
1. Diet Coke
2. Wawa Diet Iced Tea with Lemon
3. Naked Juices

Three TV shows I watch:
1. True Blood
2. Dexter
3. The Walking Dead

Three places I've been:
2. Florida
3. California

Three places I'd love to go:
1. Tennessee (sooon!!)
2. Vegas
3. Bisbee, Arizona ( Shady Dell!!!)

Three people who text me regularly:
1. Lukas
2. Teddi

Three favorite old TV shows:
1. I Love Lucy
2. Happy Days
3. Laverne and Shirley

Three favorite dishes:
1. Pizza
2. Cavatelli and Broccolli
3. Sweet and Sour Chicken

Three makeup/beauty products I can't live without:
1. Liquid Eyeliner
2. Mascara
3. Primer

Three things I'm looking forward to:
1. Getting Married
2. Adding onto my Family
3. Traveling, Buying a House, Getting my dream car and Spending My Life with Someone I Love So MUUUUUCH!

Update! It's about time!

I haven't written in this for a few months. So much for keeping a blog,eh. Not too much going on it my life, pretty much nothing but work, especially now during the holidays..seems like all I do, but today I'm off and actually have one of those "once in a blue moon lazy days". It feels so awesome to not have to be up early and all I have to worry about today is what movie I want to watch LOL. Anyhow, one thing though is that I am getting married in a month and a half!!!!!! Kind of a spur of the moment gonna do this type of thing. We had actually planned on getting married in Graceland at the end of April at Elvis' chapel in the woods, however I knew that most of our family would be unable to make it and I felt pretty bad knowing that I wouldn't have my dad there with me on my special day. He was in an accident 3 years ago and ended up with neck injury and traveling tends to not be in his favor, he gets cramped up easily etc. Plus I know Luke would love his parents to be there as well so we decided that maybe we could do a small ceremony at home, then run off to Graceland do a renewal of the vows type thing there so we'd have best of both worlds... our family with us when we got married, but also the chance to be "married" again in the place I wanted. I actually planned on something very low key, actually a more of a courthouse type wedding...which is something I never wanted to begin with but when you're trying to save's kinda hard especially around here to find anything under $5000 and since all that mattered was having our parents close to us...the thought won me over. We were going to do that then have a small get together afterwards and have simple finger foods and a cake...well then of course I get more involved and yanno things get out of a hand and it turns into a "we can't leave these relatives out" deal LOL. And now here I am planning on a reception at the POP Shop...a local 50's creamery place which was featured on the Food Network.

It fits my style and everything I wanted in a reception location..but is still simple, laid back and not over priced...oh and isn't RED,GOLD AND GAUDY! LOL. But still, something that was planning on costing maybe $200 now equaling out to about $1000. I still need a dress, a petticoat and Luke needs items, but I did get my shoes HAHAHA. I wanted a custom Dolly Couture dress, but obviously don't have the money or the time to order one right now.
So i'm probably going to go with a cute little polka dot swing dress, something simple but still my style so I could wear on other occassions, with a pink petticoat and a cardigan since of course it's going to be cold and my wonderful goregous Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes!!! We also decided that it's pretty silly to renew our vows 3 months later so we'd just go to Graceland for sort of a honeymoon, then in a year go back and renew then...since this would give us more time to plan, save more money and we can be more over the top. I'm actually happy though that it's working out this way...and extrememly excited!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I haven't posted in what seems like forever. I promise to do a proper update tomorrow..just checking in to see what everyone else is up to.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Recent Purchases

Some recent purchases that I can't wait to come home...LOL. The little guys will look so cute in my kitchen!

Vintage GE Aqua Stove/Oven Combo and Pink/Aqua Kitchen Combo!!!

I am noway affiliated with this person...however I had to post because this is awesome and unfortunately I reside in an apartment...but maybe someone out there might be interested.

I seriously can't wait to get my own home...I've passed up so many awesome kitchen appliances this week!!!


The whole set!! How gorgeous is this!! I'm jealous!

These posts are NOT by the same person! Man...I don't understand..if I owned this..I would NOT be selling it! Once again...soooo jealous!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Haven't updated lately. Had a great time at the Nekromantix,Mutilators and Howlers show last week! Venue was a small were right up there next to the was an amazing time! Nekromantix are my favs and I never miss a chance to see them but this was probably one of my favorite sets that I've seen them perform.

Other than that..not too much going on. I was supposed to be going to Disney for vacation at the end of September but actually called today and cancelled my trip. We just weren't able to afford it at the moment with all our bills and such so we decided that we are going to GO TO GRACELAND INSTEAD!!!!! It's about 600 bucks cheaper than Florida and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!

I also decided that since we're going to be in our apartment a little longer than we expected since we have to save up as much as we can for a down payment on a home..I'd just go ahead with continuing to customize it. I'm working on the kitchen and decided to go ahead and just paint the full cabinets...where as previous I had a large section of the same color down the center with black pinstripes on each side. I also want to get new bw checkered tile. I mean what..we can always change it before we move or say screw it and just not get our deposit back.I just ordered new cabinet pulls and once I get everything together and all my knick knacks I will post final photos.

Next is the bathroom! I need to decide what I want to do in there....since my apartment is half 50's retro and half horror..I think I wanna go with something retro either..hmmm pink of course of maybe pale yellow.

I also painted one of my tables pink...I just need to go ahead and clean up the chrome.



Annnnnd....a picture of my table because I loooooove it so much! We got it from a local antique dealer about 3 years ago...It's perfect. The chairs were pulled from the trash and surprisingly match the color PERFECT lol.

The colors of everything don't show much more vibrant in person and the greens are more of a turquoise/seafoam...eventhough the pics make the cupboards look blue-ish....AND don't look at the vomitish tan carpet...sadly that's what I got with my damn apartment :/
Ok I think that's all for now.

Night all

Monday, July 26, 2010

Had a wonderful day out today with the "hubby". Went to one of my favorite diners and had the most delicious belgian tropical waffle...mmm fruit and whipped cream!

Afterwards I wanted to do a little thrifting,so we hit up a local thrift village and goodwill...nothing at all :( I was a little sad but did come out with a few little modern pieces that I just had to have...

Everytime I see these colored cones..I have to pick them up...I figure they'd make great centerpiece options for the wedding.

Next was this little egg....I HAD to have her eventhough she's missing a reminds me of ones my mum had when I was little.

Lastly was the "Smiling Oscar" repo cookie jar. I knew nothing of it but had to get it because of the look..def adorable and for 4.95..what the hell.
Come to find out it's from the 80's or 90's and was made by Block for an Andy Warhol collection based off of originals he had in his own collection. Pretty cool. Not a lot of info on it that I can find, but I needed it for it's retro look.

After that we stopped at a local car lot and looked at some of the classic cars.
This beauty wanted to come home with me LOL but alas I have no money for her.

Then of course I was hungry again so it was another night @

for a chili cheese dog and banana milkshake, mmmmmmm!!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Had a great day today. Went to the Roadhouse car show in Philly. It was soooo hot so the show wasn't huge at all but it was fun none the less. Got to spend time with friends and just get out of those house and have a fun Saturday which when working retail is a rarity!
I did however get some sun burn...but I needed a little color lol. Now I'm kicking back with the hubby and about to watch The Crazies ater enjoying a delicious chocolate milkshake from Checkers! Yum!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ya know ya have a problem when you're at work..on break..and you're sitting in the back on your phone looking up stuff on ebay LOL

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Loooooooong day and another long one tomorrow. Work in the am then coming home to spend the night with my boo,which I love because he's been working nights lately and he's actually off work the next few days. Can't wait for Saturday..a day off and car show...two pluses!

Annnnd..on another happy note...I bought some more vintage pink melmac dishes to go with the existing set my sister bought me when we moved into our apartment 2 years ago....however..this set included a lot of coffee which I already have a decent amount of and don't use...I really bought it for the extra bowls and the cheap price of 10 bucks for all. to wait or them to arrive.

Monday, July 19, 2010


It drives me absolutely bonkers when I'm searching ebay and come across something I love but the seller doesnt offer buy it now! LOL. Granted I know a lot of the things I am looking at are highly collectible..but why can't I find that one person who doesn't know what it is that they have!

So I've got my eye on a few things at the moment but unless I can get them pretty cheap I'm probably going to have to pass.

Im in such a trinket / salt and pepper / jam jar phase at the moment and it's killing me to search Howard Holt, Lefton and Napco items and see all the little dearies going for over $100...sometimes up to $500.
Anyhow...there's one thing in particular that I want at the moment and it's pretty funny that my dad should own one. After my mom passed away my dad has kept the house exactly how it was...well ok not EXACTLY but damn right close. My mum was an advid antiquer and collector of just about anything so it's funny to go in and see things and be like omg I need that....but my dad doesn't want to let them go LOL. I tried getting a pair of little chicks made by Lefton, obviously made in the 50's from him but he wouldn't budge lol. My next mission is this adorable kittie memo minder which come to find out is hard to find...I neeeeeed it for my kitchen!!! It seriously is driving me mad! Haha.
I'm such a nerd when it comes to kitchenwares...I swear a good time for me is purchasing new mixing bowls or things to hang above my sink. I remember the day I got my chalkware elephants in the mail ahaha...Luke thought they were the creepiest things ever..but that's what makes them so much more lovable.
Anyhow..I will one day come across a jam jar that isn't going for a ton of money..I guess I just gotta stick to watching every day.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Bleached my bangs again...turned out light enough...probably the lightest ill be able to get them. Now to dye the rest...trim my bangs and figure out if I wanna cut the rest.

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Oh Vivienne.........
I really wish these shoes were made in other colors...seriously I want them so bad! Why can't they make a pearl with pink heart...or turquoise heart or even yellow! LOL...or why cant they make the bow ones in a pale pink or pearl..I feel the black would be too much! But dammit I want these shoes!!!!

I was thinking of getting the pearl and red hearts and finding a pink plastic paint and going over the red...wonder if that would work? Though Luke said he'd like the yellow ones in black because it then would add contrast...hmmm...????

I'm gonna do an "inspiration" wedding post....I have my ideas in my head and luckily by searching the web I found some other people who share same interests.

My theme obviously is going to be 50's malt shop type dealy..lotsa pinks,seafoams,white and blacks...polka dots,nostalgic candy..lollipop trees and simple foods.

Cupcakes, donuts, anything and everything sugar. I also want a cotton candy machine and photobooth but not sure if that will happen..I have to see how large the place is first....and well obviously ice cream as well.

I've been searching allover for a venue, I'm super picky so I don't want any of that gaudy red, gold and super Italian esque looking backdrops..and well mostly here in NJ that's what ya get.
I found a marine hall on accident and it looks super promising so lets hope that it's a go!

I wanted an actual vintage dress but because girls back then were obviously a lot smaller now...everything you find is usually an xs size 24-26 waist and trust me..that's not happening anytime I've decided to go with a custom made from .Her dresses are ADORABLE !
I took the one I want...which is the Edmonton and photoshopped it a little as to what I want it to look like...LOL it looks like a little kid drew on it but it gives that idea of what I want.

I also found a place that sells linens and such extremely cheap and they have the sash's,table cloths and chair covers amongst other things.

Months ago we already bought stuff to make centerpieces...I'm incorporating orginal 50's 7" records into a display of flower "sundaes" and candy...although some of mine will look like actual ice cream cones rather than the sundae glasses.

My wedding favors are small green coke glasses that will be filled with vintage candies, think candy cigarettes, and the like :)

Food....I want simple..but haven't decided on a menu yet. I originally wanted stuff like finger sammiches,etc...yanno stuff that you probably would've found at and actual 50's wedding..but we have time to decide on that.

My name is Christa. I'm 29 years old and reside in Southern NJ with my fiance Lukas and my two furkid kitties, Elvis and Merlin.

I love tattoos, piercings, hair, makeup, and dabbling in special fx from time to time. I also and enjoy cooking, baking and playing a modern day Betty Crocker!

I love the 50's and everything to do with it. I feel I was born in the wrong decade though I still appreciate being a kid of the 80's.

I love everything horror whether it's oldschool or new and Halloween is my favorite time of the year. It holds a special place in my heart along with being a huge part of my familys tradition.

I love antiques and collecting vintage plastic halloween costumes.

I also love collecting odd trinkets ranging from pink and blue elephants, any form of anthropomorphic kitchen wares and love those creepy looking vintage stuffed animals with plastic faces.

My dream vacation is Graceland and Bisbee Arizona's Shady Dell! Airstreams make me swoon!

I'm an advid lover of classic cars and will own one once I get my VW paid off! They make my heart melt..especially Falcons! Pre 64 that is!

Elvis = does any form of rockabilly and psychobilly music.
I also LOVE Rob Zombie and think he's amazing at everything he does.

I love a good roadtrip and looking for those offbeat roadside attractions, the shore, boardwalk, carnivals and weird NJ.

I decided to create this blog to talking about my daily life...share my odd finds and plan my fabulous 50's malt shop wedding! So feel free to add me, read along and say hello!