Monday, July 19, 2010


It drives me absolutely bonkers when I'm searching ebay and come across something I love but the seller doesnt offer buy it now! LOL. Granted I know a lot of the things I am looking at are highly collectible..but why can't I find that one person who doesn't know what it is that they have!

So I've got my eye on a few things at the moment but unless I can get them pretty cheap I'm probably going to have to pass.

Im in such a trinket / salt and pepper / jam jar phase at the moment and it's killing me to search Howard Holt, Lefton and Napco items and see all the little dearies going for over $100...sometimes up to $500.
Anyhow...there's one thing in particular that I want at the moment and it's pretty funny that my dad should own one. After my mom passed away my dad has kept the house exactly how it was...well ok not EXACTLY but damn right close. My mum was an advid antiquer and collector of just about anything so it's funny to go in and see things and be like omg I need that....but my dad doesn't want to let them go LOL. I tried getting a pair of little chicks made by Lefton, obviously made in the 50's from him but he wouldn't budge lol. My next mission is this adorable kittie memo minder which come to find out is hard to find...I neeeeeed it for my kitchen!!! It seriously is driving me mad! Haha.
I'm such a nerd when it comes to kitchenwares...I swear a good time for me is purchasing new mixing bowls or things to hang above my sink. I remember the day I got my chalkware elephants in the mail ahaha...Luke thought they were the creepiest things ever..but that's what makes them so much more lovable.
Anyhow..I will one day come across a jam jar that isn't going for a ton of money..I guess I just gotta stick to watching every day.

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  1. Wahaha!! The kitties are just too cute!! No wonder they called your attention.. :")