Saturday, July 17, 2010

My name is Christa. I'm 29 years old and reside in Southern NJ with my fiance Lukas and my two furkid kitties, Elvis and Merlin.

I love tattoos, piercings, hair, makeup, and dabbling in special fx from time to time. I also and enjoy cooking, baking and playing a modern day Betty Crocker!

I love the 50's and everything to do with it. I feel I was born in the wrong decade though I still appreciate being a kid of the 80's.

I love everything horror whether it's oldschool or new and Halloween is my favorite time of the year. It holds a special place in my heart along with being a huge part of my familys tradition.

I love antiques and collecting vintage plastic halloween costumes.

I also love collecting odd trinkets ranging from pink and blue elephants, any form of anthropomorphic kitchen wares and love those creepy looking vintage stuffed animals with plastic faces.

My dream vacation is Graceland and Bisbee Arizona's Shady Dell! Airstreams make me swoon!

I'm an advid lover of classic cars and will own one once I get my VW paid off! They make my heart melt..especially Falcons! Pre 64 that is!

Elvis = does any form of rockabilly and psychobilly music.
I also LOVE Rob Zombie and think he's amazing at everything he does.

I love a good roadtrip and looking for those offbeat roadside attractions, the shore, boardwalk, carnivals and weird NJ.

I decided to create this blog to talking about my daily life...share my odd finds and plan my fabulous 50's malt shop wedding! So feel free to add me, read along and say hello!

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