Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm gonna do an "inspiration" wedding post....I have my ideas in my head and luckily by searching the web I found some other people who share same interests.

My theme obviously is going to be 50's malt shop type dealy..lotsa pinks,seafoams,white and blacks...polka dots,nostalgic candy..lollipop trees and simple foods.

Cupcakes, donuts, anything and everything sugar. I also want a cotton candy machine and photobooth but not sure if that will happen..I have to see how large the place is first....and well obviously ice cream as well.

I've been searching allover for a venue, I'm super picky so I don't want any of that gaudy red, gold and super Italian esque looking backdrops..and well mostly here in NJ that's what ya get.
I found a marine hall on accident and it looks super promising so lets hope that it's a go!

I wanted an actual vintage dress but because girls back then were obviously a lot smaller now...everything you find is usually an xs size 24-26 waist and trust me..that's not happening anytime I've decided to go with a custom made from .Her dresses are ADORABLE !
I took the one I want...which is the Edmonton and photoshopped it a little as to what I want it to look like...LOL it looks like a little kid drew on it but it gives that idea of what I want.

I also found a place that sells linens and such extremely cheap and they have the sash's,table cloths and chair covers amongst other things.

Months ago we already bought stuff to make centerpieces...I'm incorporating orginal 50's 7" records into a display of flower "sundaes" and candy...although some of mine will look like actual ice cream cones rather than the sundae glasses.

My wedding favors are small green coke glasses that will be filled with vintage candies, think candy cigarettes, and the like :)

Food....I want simple..but haven't decided on a menu yet. I originally wanted stuff like finger sammiches,etc...yanno stuff that you probably would've found at and actual 50's wedding..but we have time to decide on that.

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