Monday, July 26, 2010

Had a wonderful day out today with the "hubby". Went to one of my favorite diners and had the most delicious belgian tropical waffle...mmm fruit and whipped cream!

Afterwards I wanted to do a little thrifting,so we hit up a local thrift village and goodwill...nothing at all :( I was a little sad but did come out with a few little modern pieces that I just had to have...

Everytime I see these colored cones..I have to pick them up...I figure they'd make great centerpiece options for the wedding.

Next was this little egg....I HAD to have her eventhough she's missing a reminds me of ones my mum had when I was little.

Lastly was the "Smiling Oscar" repo cookie jar. I knew nothing of it but had to get it because of the look..def adorable and for 4.95..what the hell.
Come to find out it's from the 80's or 90's and was made by Block for an Andy Warhol collection based off of originals he had in his own collection. Pretty cool. Not a lot of info on it that I can find, but I needed it for it's retro look.

After that we stopped at a local car lot and looked at some of the classic cars.
This beauty wanted to come home with me LOL but alas I have no money for her.

Then of course I was hungry again so it was another night @

for a chili cheese dog and banana milkshake, mmmmmmm!!!!

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  1. Every time I see cars like these for sale, I immediately want to run out and get a loan to buy one. A guy at work is selling an absolutely flawless.. totally restored 57' chevy 2 door hardtop for the modest price of $15,000. I say it's worth every penny!!