Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Haven't updated lately. Had a great time at the Nekromantix,Mutilators and Howlers show last week! Venue was a small church..you were right up there next to the bands...it was an amazing time! Nekromantix are my favs and I never miss a chance to see them but this was probably one of my favorite sets that I've seen them perform.

Other than that..not too much going on. I was supposed to be going to Disney for vacation at the end of September but actually called today and cancelled my trip. We just weren't able to afford it at the moment with all our bills and such so we decided that we are going to GO TO GRACELAND INSTEAD!!!!! It's about 600 bucks cheaper than Florida and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!

I also decided that since we're going to be in our apartment a little longer than we expected since we have to save up as much as we can for a down payment on a home..I'd just go ahead with continuing to customize it. I'm working on the kitchen and decided to go ahead and just paint the full cabinets...where as previous I had a large section of the same color down the center with black pinstripes on each side. I also want to get new bw checkered tile. I mean what..we can always change it before we move or say screw it and just not get our deposit back.I just ordered new cabinet pulls and once I get everything together and all my knick knacks I will post final photos.

Next is the bathroom! I need to decide what I want to do in there....since my apartment is half 50's retro and half horror..I think I wanna go with something retro glam...in either..hmmm pink of course of maybe pale yellow.

I also painted one of my tables pink...I just need to go ahead and clean up the chrome.



Annnnnd....a picture of my table because I loooooove it so much! We got it from a local antique dealer about 3 years ago...It's perfect. The chairs were pulled from the trash and surprisingly match the color PERFECT lol.

The colors of everything don't show well...so much more vibrant in person and the greens are more of a turquoise/seafoam...eventhough the pics make the cupboards look blue-ish....AND don't look at the vomitish tan carpet...sadly that's what I got with my damn apartment :/
Ok I think that's all for now.

Night all

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