Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vintage GE Aqua Stove/Oven Combo and Pink/Aqua Kitchen Combo!!!

I am noway affiliated with this person...however I had to post because this is awesome and unfortunately I reside in an apartment...but maybe someone out there might be interested.

I seriously can't wait to get my own home...I've passed up so many awesome kitchen appliances this week!!!


The whole set!! How gorgeous is this!! I'm jealous!

These posts are NOT by the same person! Man...I don't understand..if I owned this..I would NOT be selling it! Once again...soooo jealous!


  1. If I were selling this on eBay, I would definitely advertise it on my blog. :-)

    I especially love that last blue & pink set. I wish I had the money to redo my kitchen.

    Glad I discovered your blog. Very fun!

  2. I wish I owned this stuff!!! I cannot wait until I'm out of an apartment..there's only so much custom stuff I can do and I don't think they'd appreciate me ripping out the existing cabinets and stove LOL so that's why I painted them abhaha :)

  3. i wish i had stuff like these too , cuteeeee

    haha if only i have my own home :(

  4. Thanks for sharing. If I had 900 bucks to spare, I'd rip my kitchen out in a second!

  5. Hey, how much did these two sets go for? I have the identical set as the bottom ebay ad (I cant see that auction anymore) but with a full aqua range. Any idea on what they are worth?

  6. I am a Jersey Girl too. I just recently moved back to the house I grew up in Jersey with my family. We have the teal oven. It still works and came with the house. We used to have the stove too, but my Dad got rid of it like 10 years ago. We also had a matching fridge, but it became covered in rust from being on our back porch for 40 years. We had to get rid of it recently.