Sunday, December 5, 2010

Update! It's about time!

I haven't written in this for a few months. So much for keeping a blog,eh. Not too much going on it my life, pretty much nothing but work, especially now during the holidays..seems like all I do, but today I'm off and actually have one of those "once in a blue moon lazy days". It feels so awesome to not have to be up early and all I have to worry about today is what movie I want to watch LOL. Anyhow, one thing though is that I am getting married in a month and a half!!!!!! Kind of a spur of the moment gonna do this type of thing. We had actually planned on getting married in Graceland at the end of April at Elvis' chapel in the woods, however I knew that most of our family would be unable to make it and I felt pretty bad knowing that I wouldn't have my dad there with me on my special day. He was in an accident 3 years ago and ended up with neck injury and traveling tends to not be in his favor, he gets cramped up easily etc. Plus I know Luke would love his parents to be there as well so we decided that maybe we could do a small ceremony at home, then run off to Graceland do a renewal of the vows type thing there so we'd have best of both worlds... our family with us when we got married, but also the chance to be "married" again in the place I wanted. I actually planned on something very low key, actually a more of a courthouse type wedding...which is something I never wanted to begin with but when you're trying to save's kinda hard especially around here to find anything under $5000 and since all that mattered was having our parents close to us...the thought won me over. We were going to do that then have a small get together afterwards and have simple finger foods and a cake...well then of course I get more involved and yanno things get out of a hand and it turns into a "we can't leave these relatives out" deal LOL. And now here I am planning on a reception at the POP Shop...a local 50's creamery place which was featured on the Food Network.

It fits my style and everything I wanted in a reception location..but is still simple, laid back and not over priced...oh and isn't RED,GOLD AND GAUDY! LOL. But still, something that was planning on costing maybe $200 now equaling out to about $1000. I still need a dress, a petticoat and Luke needs items, but I did get my shoes HAHAHA. I wanted a custom Dolly Couture dress, but obviously don't have the money or the time to order one right now.
So i'm probably going to go with a cute little polka dot swing dress, something simple but still my style so I could wear on other occassions, with a pink petticoat and a cardigan since of course it's going to be cold and my wonderful goregous Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes!!! We also decided that it's pretty silly to renew our vows 3 months later so we'd just go to Graceland for sort of a honeymoon, then in a year go back and renew then...since this would give us more time to plan, save more money and we can be more over the top. I'm actually happy though that it's working out this way...and extrememly excited!

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  1. We LOVE the Pop Shop. My wife actually had her bridal shower there. I'll have to dig up some pics of our wedding for you. Check out my blog at some point for the post.