Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!! So I took off this weekend to celebrate but we decided that we wanted to stay at home and have a quiet NYE to ourselves. Yes, we are in our 20's going on 60's LOL. Boring, I know but after such a hectic holiday and both of us working all the time it was nice just to relax. Plus, I had to rest up for a trip to my favorite antique lady today! LOL. A few days ago I happened to go online and look up a local antique shop to which I've made purchases from in the past..most notably my amazing love of my life table...

If you can't tell by the pic its a seafoam green shade.
Anyhow...Ive been in the looks for some fancy 50's style endtables..yanno the kind grandma used to have lol...well I have a newly aquired love for Heywood...but since my area lacks places to find wonders unless ya travel to Lancaster..and the fact that for two tables on ebay it's double my car payment I knew I wouldn't be aquiring any of those shortly. So scrolling down the page I came across the perfect alternative! Two cherry formica chrome looking edged stepped endtables from the 50's!!! I had to have them, so being the wonderful fiance he is..Luke called her up to find out if they were still available and the answer was sadly no..they had been on hold for a couple who were supposed to pick them up by Christmas. SOOO sad! But, if anything changed we would be the first to know. So, come Friday, I'm at work and I get a text message...well a picture message from an unfamiliar number showing me some retro kitchen chairs and guess what...informing me that the tables were available!!! The former couple had backed out and they were now mine!Yay! So today we got up, drove down to Bridgeton and did a little shopping! I picked up my tables and walked away with some funky kitchy barkcloth drapes..def not what I wanted for the livingroom, but at the price..2 bucks per panel and $1 a valance I couldn't pass up...I mean who I want more of an atomic pattern but until I can come across those..these will be fun,since they match the colors in my existing livingroom.
I have no information on the pattern... I feel like they would look best in a kitchen..but since my kitchen area is pink and seafoam they def. do not match.
Here's a picture I yanked offline..the only thing I could find on etsy, which doesn't give much info....if anyone knows what it's called please let me know!

Pretty funky looking eh? I also picked up some matching kitchen cannisters to go with my kitchen, I have pink ones already but I picked up the seafoam ones, a 50's cream general electric alarm/radio and some little bits. All in all a pretty good score! She is also on a lookout for some other items for me...specifically a new (old) sofa and chair...which if all works out well we may have a 50's large turqouise chair soon...fingers crossed!'s a picture of Elvis, one of our cats enjoying one of the new soon as we brought them in he thought they were a new bed...silly kitty...don't think so!And yes...he is a HUGE cat! LOL.

Ooops...Almost forgot! I got a new tattoo a few days ago! Toots on my left fingers! My dad's called me toots ever since I was I thought it was fitting! Goes well with my dollface on my right hand! LOL.
Don't mind my fingers..this was soon after getting done and fingers swell mighty nice when done!

Oh...and my dress came..but that'll be another post directed towards wedding stuff...

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