Monday, July 9, 2012

1952 RCA Victor Console TV

So, I've been in search for a 1950's console tv for awhile now...well, kinda browsing, not avidly searching. Everyone that I came across was either way too much money, on ebay and pickup only states away, or missing dials,etc. I took some time off work and went to Florida with family and once I came back I just got the urge to search ebay and craigslist to see if anything caught my eye. Ebay....yes, a pick up only $30 current bid, no reserve Predicta a few hours away in PA. In the end, it sold for over $400 which was WAY out of a my price range. So heading over to Craigslist...nothing...until I came across an ad in Cherry Hill, which is right near me.....$50 vintage tv...I clicked on it and was like...OK GOTTA CALL. We went over to check it out the next day and the guy was super nice..told us he got it from an estate of a guy he knew....told us it worked, plugged it in and there was that static vintage tv sound....obviously since this day and age everything is digital,there was no picture, however I'm sure if hooked to a digital box and accompanied by rabbit ears there would be one, but eh...I didnt really plan on using it as a tv to begin with. Truth be told, I wanted to go the way of converting to a fish tank, or something to those likes. Anyhow, I purchased it and then came the how the hell am I getting this home problem. I drive a VW bug, so that obviously was out of the question, luckily one of the guys my husband works with said he'd help so they picked it up the following day. It's now sitting in my livingroom waiting to claim it's space infront of the tv wall...but I need to paint first. I've been trying to research things, but havent found too much about converting a vintage tv into a modern day one... I think maybe two articles. I did however come across one where someone mentioned about removing the picture tube,etc and putting a flatpanel inside...which honestly if I can make work, is probably what I will be doing so I can use it on a daily basis. Another cool thing about the tv, the guy who the person got it from after he passed was the original owner, he purchased the tv in September 1952 and has every single piece of paperwork that came with the tv, service papers etc. It's so interesting to see...something purchased in the early 50's still being serviced in the 70's. Anyhow, I love matches my end tables and will look fab once placed. If anyone has converted a vintage console tv using the flatpanel inside method..or knows anyone who has, or any places online to read up on...let me know. The more info the better before I take stuff apart, lol.

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