Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thrifting Finds!

I drove down to the area I grew up in today to do a little thrifting and visit my dad and I think I did a pretty good job picking some stuff up. Actually, I had been to this local thrift shop last Saturday because my sister mentioned them having an Elvis bust lamp for sale, and I COULD NOT pass it up. I didn't have the money at the time and just hoped that by the time the hubby's pay went through today that it would still be there. Upon waking this morning, he called to see if it was still available and the girl on the other end said yes, but today was probably going to be the last day it was there since it was on consignment.Lemme tell you, I moved....I got ready as fast as I could. Seriously, I think within 5 minutes...hey, when you want something bad....your ass moves lol, and drove the 40 mins down to check it out. As soon as we got there, we ran in and grabbed it. Now, upon turning I also noticed a bullet planter and knew I needed to grab it as well...decided to look around a little more to see what else he got in since the beginning of the week and grabbed this cosco esque stool. $5 for the stool, $14 for the planter. Hell yeah! The lamp was a bit more....$50 but hey, they go for upwards of a few hundred on ebay and craigslist without the original I think I did well. Walking out the door I noticed he has a some Don Featherstone flamingos on the top shelf with the original box....they're not from the 50's, infact I think they're the 30 year anniversary repos..but they're still the originals, in the box and hey, they're still 25 years old. So I grabbed those as well. Pretty successful shop. I came home, grabbed some soap,water,steel wool and got to work on the stool, it had a decent amount of rust on it..but it cleaned up real nice...the only thing I need to do is touch up the steps, there's some paint drips on them and replace the seat..theres a small tear in it. I was thinking of buying some sparkle vinyl and redoing the seat and back this weekend, shouldn't take much or too long. I'm not sure of the year or make, but for $5 I couldn't pass it up. Once it's complete I'll post more pics, but for's some shots from when I bought the stuff.


  1. So jealous of your bullet planter find!! :)

  2. *drools* over everything.

    That Elvis lamp is amazing. haha! I love kitschy crap like that. Omg. And yespls to the planter! Nice finds lady!